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Strategy informs your decision making. Decision making drives the routes your company will take to achieve its goals.  How then do you formulate and implement good strategy? By truly understanding the value drivers for your organization and its marketspace.  

Strategy is critical. But often there are two extremes in executive's minds - one that believes that strategy is everything, and consequently spends too much time thinking than doing. The other extreme is that of an operationally efficient mindset, that considers everything to be run efficiently without regards to whether it is important or not.

That's why decision making is so important. At ManyWorlds we believe in developing actionable strategy that is both adaptive and robust to competitor and marketspace dynamics and delivers maximum results. Decision making must be rich and option oriented, with clear choices and understanding of consequences. But most importantly, decisions must be framed appropriately. Often organizations will spend valuable time debating the wrong issue, or frame the issue at the wrong level. 

What are the performance targets and goals your business must deliver this month, in six months, in 2 years or 10 years? Do you know how you are going to achieve them? Do you truly understand what drives value in your business and the processes or functions that will deliver this level of performance? Does your current strategy work now, but you sense that it will not deliver in the future? If you're facing any of these questions and the answer is unclear in your mind, then let us help you get crispness around your issues.  

You will benefit from our strong opinions, leading-edge expertise, tenacity and incredible track record of success. You won't get our advice from anywhere else. And we're certain of that, because many consulting houses are our valued clients.  

Our expertise draws on game theory, rapid scenario planning and forecasting, option value models, decision analysis and learning system models. 

Are you faced with these issues in your business?

Looming commoditization, lack of differentiation and/or customer loss

No/low growth industries and/or no new customer acquisition

Need for major cost reduction/infrastructure renewal

Investment options in business or IT that are big-bets for the future

Product/service development that doesn't deliver more than the competition

Merger/acquisition or strategic alliance activity where the true sources of value are unclear

If these or other issues are facing you, it is time for action. Change the rules of the world your organization inhabits with our advice. 

Next Steps

Learn more through our service overview on Advanced Forecasting and Scenarios. In addition, we offer programs on Advanced Decision Analysis and Rapid Strategic Value.

Let's talk about your business goals: we value your time so we'll quickly tell you if our skills are a good fit. Initial contacts can be directed by email or to our US headquarters by phone on +1 832 242 3508. We look forward to an interesting conversation!


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